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We're Back on the Web!


Julie Stuart
We are so excited to relaunch our Website!

Yes it has been a long time, but we hope that we can be your First Aid & Safety supplier of choice.

Don't forget that we stock only the best first aid products on the market - well known brands that you know and Trust.

Out of "Australia's most trusted brands for 2019"  - we sell 7 of the top 10 products.

1.   Dettol
2.   Band-Aid
3.   Vegemite
4.   Qantas
5.   Betadine
6.   Energizer
7.   Elastoplast
8.   Panadol
9.   Colgate
10. Bunnings

Catalyst is a nationwide survey. They polled more than 3,000 regular Australians to determine the rankings among 70 consumer categories before publishing the results in the Australian Reader's Digest.

Source: by Matilda Rudd for Daily Mail Australia - Home of Trusted Bands (published: 1 May 2019)